Use This Trick to Find Cool Flipboard Magazines


Looking for something new to read? There are a few places to start, including Flipboard’s staff-curated #MagsWeLove and By Our Readers feeds.

But if you’d like to go direct — to find new magazines shared by other Flipboard MagMakers and readers — Flipboard Club founder Aida B. wrote us recently to share a handy tip.  She suggests using Flipboard to search Twitter:

One of the best ways to keep up with new Flipboard magazines by the general public is to search Twitter within the Flipboard app. What’s really cool about Flipboard’s search is that it displays magazines using their covers. This makes it easy to scan through lots of new magazines at a time — it feels like the digital version of browsing magazines at a newsstand.

Flipboard recognizes several of Twitter’s advanced search terms and operators. Here is a search string I use:

flipboard filter:links -rt lang:en

This tells Flipboard to show me all tweets that contain the word “flipboard” that also contain one of Flipboard’s “” links, but with no retweets. I also specify English as a language.

Just type that search string into the Flipboard search box, scroll down to the Twitter results, tap the Twitter search feed and hit the Subscribe button at top left to add it to your Flipboard.

Clever! This sample shows how the results are displayed:


If typing a Twitter search string feels intimidating, here’s a simpler (but less precise) approach: Just type “flipboard magazine” into the search box, and scroll down to view the Twitter search result.

Happy browsing, and don’t forget to Subscribe to the magazines that catch your fancy.