Showcase Flipboard Magazines on Your Website

You’ve dedicated time and effort into making your magazines awesome. Now don’t forget to show them off! If you are a business owner, blogger or other kind of Webmaster, there are two easy tools at to help spread your magazines’ reach.

1. Profile Badge: Quick access to everything you’re collecting on Flipboard

Your Flipboard profile contains all the magazines you’re making and can be accessed via a URL like[Your_Username_Here]. A Profile Badge is a visually attractive alternative: by embedding it on your site, your readers can quickly get to everything you’re curating via a nifty button that looks like this:

Screenshot 2014-09-04 14.02.32

2. Magazine Widget: Highlight magazines you love

Got a favorite magazine? Add it to your website as a widget with a cover that updates dynamically. It’s a nice way to showcase a portfolio, deeper expertise on a topic, or other kinds of complementary information.

Screenshot 2014-09-04 14.00.01
Source: Saxi Chairs

~DeanneC is curating “Motivation