Three Things We Love: Tiny Living Edition


Apparently, there is a tiny-house movement afoot—people seeking homes that are the antithesis of the McMansion, usually between 100 and 130 square feet, and epitomize simple living. Here are some of our favorite feeds about life, downsized.

Tiny House Blog: Kent Griswold has been blogging about living in small spaces since 2007, offering advice on everything from construction materials and mobile furniture to getting a loan for a tiny house.

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Cabin Porn: The Atlantic delves into the psychology of people who like to view this popular Tumblr, which curates beautiful pictures of cabins, shacks, sheds, treehouses and huts from around the world.

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Little People (Tiny Hats Off to Slinkachu): Inspired by British street artist Slinkachu, whose photographs of miniature figurines in city streets are as cute as they are clever, this Flickr group features many photographers creating their own adorable scenes with tiny people.

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