The Week in Review: Typhoon Haiyan Takes Its Toll


Nearly a week after Typhoon Haiyan swept through the Philippines, the local government is still struggling to assess the damage from the storm. As one of the biggest storms recorded in history, the typhoon has claimed the lives of more than 4,400.

Those hit hardest were in Tacloban and Cebu. More than half a million survivors have been displaced by the storm, and the need for basic supplies and medical attention increases with each day. Local and international aid has been slow to reach those most in need, as general chaos has ensued in affected areas.

As the overall impact of Typhoon Haiyan continues to reveal itself, many have begun to question the role of climate change in what seems to be a pattern of increasingly destructive storms. Here are some magazines from the Flipboard community about the typhoon, the latest on weather patterns, views on global warming and environmental solutions.

The Wrath of a Storm: Typhoon Haiyan by The Flipboard Newsdesk: A roundup of stories, photos and videos on news stemming from the battered Phillipines.

Extreme Weather and Pollution by Dr. Drive: A global look at the effects of pollution on recent weather changes.

Weather pattern? Global warming? Alternative energy? What else… by Carlos Frohlich: Abnormal weather patterns, the global effects and alternative energy sources.

The Collapsing Climate by jim burton: An overview of the health and ecological effects of an unstable climate.

Earth Observation News by Morgan Woroner: A collection of stories on extreme storms, wildfires and rising sea levels with the help of digital mapping and satellites.

Physical Geography by Pamela Demske: A magazine on all things Mother Earth, covering the best and worst of nature.

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