The Week in Review: Snowden Leaks Into Europe

Edward J. Snowden remains in the news this week with the latest batch of files released proving the United States has spied on its own European allies, heads of states and the Pope. The former government contractor made famous for leaking classified documents to journalists on the National Security Agency’s data-collecting and digital information gathering practices also appealed to Washington for clemency this Friday.

Diplomatically, the U.S.-European alliance is unarguably under great duress. Germany’s foreign minister summoned the American ambassador to Berlin, something last done following the end of World War II.

As tensions rise, the debate on privacy, government security and U.S. international relations continues. Get yourself up to speed by taking a deep dive into each of these magazines.

IT Sicherheit by Marius: Follows the NSA fall-out from Germany.

Cybersécurité by Advixa: A co-curated magazine with a French perspective on the Snowden leaks.

1984 > 1776 by Andre Wolf: Articles and reports about Snowden, privacy and individual rights.

Data sovereignty and the cloud by unsecurity: Looks at the the debate behind big data and big government.

Not so Secret Agency (NSA) by ch3rryb0mb: Looks at the the debate behind big data and big government.