On the FRONTLINE with Flipboard

Since its launch in 1983, PBS’s long-form primetime series FRONTLINE has provided deep coverage and impactful reports on the toughest subjects facing our world. With a self-described commitment to “credible, thoughtful reporting combined with powerful narrative,” FRONTLINE has tackled Ebola, school segregation, bank fraud, child sexual abuse, the rise of ISIS and voter discrimination—just in the last six months.

The program’s often iconic pieces help shape the national conversation. Profiles on the financial crisis, the 2012 presidential campaign, the rise of AIDS in Africa and brain injuries in the NFL were repeatidly cited by other media outlets. They have won 69 EMMY Awards and 16 Peabody Awards, and in the news business, are considered the gold standard.

FRONTLINE’s reporting is now on Flipboard with findings from the ground, excerpts from their TV pieces and interviews with featured subjects and experts. You can also stay abreast of upcoming topics and guests for the show’s 31st season:

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