Made With Love: Our Valentine for Flipboard MagMakers


It’s Valentine’s Day, and we’re feeling the love for our community of Flipboard MagMakers.

To express our affection, we’re pleased to unveil our MagMaker Valentines, very special magazine created by Flipboard staff for the talented people who curate the magazines we read regularly. Inside, you’ll see Flipboard designers, engineers, marketers and editors posing with the magazines they love most. This Valentine was made with love, and it’s a big wet kiss to everyone who inspires us to pursue our passions.

For example, Deanne loves the way she gets hungry every time she reads The Holy Grill by Eric Pierre:


Matt loves how  Zoo Veterinarian by Milton Ness combines photos and articles to provide a deeper perspective on the animal kingdom:


And me? I love the way Burt Likko created the magazine about my adopted home that I’ve always wanted to read, in California Dreaming:


Take a peek at our MagMaker Valentine, have a terrific Valentine’s Day and thank you for creating your magazines with Flipboard! (We love that.)