Introducing Flipboard Pages

Today we are very excited to introduce something new we’re testing out for your Flipboard.  We call it Flipboard Pages – a fast, beautiful way to read stories that are shared with you.

We have eight renowned publishing partners participating in this new Flipboard Pages test. Now, when you tap on stories from ABC News, The Washington Post Magazine, All Things Digital, Bon Appetit, Lonely Planet, SB Nation, SF Chronicle / Gate and Uncrate you will have the option to select “Article View” instead of “Read on Web”.  This will take you to the new Flipboard Pages experience with print-inspired layouts, typography and imagery.

Best of all: this is live in your Flipboard right now. Just open your Flipboard app on the iPad, tap “Add a Section” and you’ll see all the new Flipboard Pages partners are highlighted at the top of the “Add a Section” menu under “Partners on Flipboard Pages.”  Just add one or all of them to see what the new layouts look like.

Since this is a test, please know that you may see some inconsistencies from time to time as the layout evolves and improves. Your feedback is essential in helping craft a better Flipboard experience, so please keep sending us all the great thoughts and suggestions via twitter @flipboard and on our Facebook page, . If you have any technical issues, please contact us via or

Thank you for your fantastic support, we hope you like Flipboard Pages!

~ JonV