How to Promote Your Flipboard Magazine


You’ve created a Flipboard magazine and filled it with fabulous content. Now you’re ready to start building an audience. What’s the best way to promote your magazine?

Flipboard magazines are viewable on the web, so there are plenty of promotional possibilities. Anyone can enjoy your magazines — no matter if they’re on a desktop computer or mobile device, or if they have Flipboard installed. Here’s how to spread the word:

Share to Your Networks
On the cover of your magazine there’s a Share button to the left, under your name. When you tap the Share button while using the Flipboard app, you’ll have the option to share  your magazine via email, SMS, or any social network you’ve connected to Flipboard — Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. Select a service or social network, and Flipboard will send a smart link that opens your magazine in Flipboard (if the link is accessed on a device that has Flipboard installed) or on the web (if Flipboard is not installed).

Get the URL for Your Magazine
Every Flipboard magazine has a unique URL address, and that URL is the bedrock of a robust promotion strategy. To get the URL for your magazine, tap the Share button on the cover of your magazine.  In the Share window, look for the “Copy Link” button. Tap that, and your magazine URL will save to the clipboard of your device (if you’re using the Flipboard app), or you can copy it (if you’re looking at your magazine on the web).

Paste, Paste Paste That URL
Once you’ve copied and saved your magazine’s URL, you can display it in all sorts of clever ways. You can add it your email signature. You can link to it in tweets or Facebook posts, or include the URL on your Twitter or Facebook profile pages. You can link directly to your magazine in blog posts, or create sidebar badges that point to your magazine when clicked. Basically, any  technique you’d use to promote a regular URL can also be applied to your Flipboard magazine.

Convert Readers Into Followers
Guiding people to your magazines is important, but ultimately, you want new visitors to become regular readers. Re-share your magazine URL via social networks from time to time, particularly after you’ve added a significant amount of new content. In addition, encourage regular Flipboard users to follow your magazine by tapping the ribbon at the top left of your magazine cover. Your subscribers receive updates and notifications from Flipboard when you add new content to your magazine.

Don’t Forget Your Flipboard Profile
If you’ve created several Flipboard magazines, you can also promote all of them, all at once. Your Flipboard profile page displays links to all the Flipboard magazines you’ve shared publicly, so it’s a convenient way to showcase your magazine collection. (Here’s my profile page, for example.) To view your own profile via the web, open one of your magazines in a web browser, then tap the profile photo or icon next to your name on the left. That will take you your Flipboard web profile page. Copy your profile page URL, and as suggested above, link to it wherever you’d like.