Head Back to School Via Flipboard’s Virtual Classroom

It seems early, but here in California many kids are already back to school. And while we don’t really miss the days of homework and gym class, we do love to learn about our world and everything in it.

Luckily, there’s a virtual classroom on Flipboard, with teachers, students and us “life learners” collecting articles about everything from archaeology to zoology. Many magazines explore traditional classroom subjects, such as science, history and math, while others look at educational tools, the role of technology in the classroom, for instance, and how to use Creative Commons.

Every level of schooling is represented, too. For example, search “early education” for magazines about learning in our formative years, all the way up to professional schools—try “MBA” for collections of articles for business-minded people or try specific medical fields, such psychiatry and dentistry. In short: tap on the search icon and enter keywords to explore a subject or browse a smaller number of excellent examples in the Content Guide or right here.

Ancient History: Explore past eras, including Ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Aztecs, Incas, China and archaeology.

Teach Earth: Resources for teaching geography and earth science.

The Human Gene: A look into human biology and health.

Things AP Econ Students Should Know: ‘Nuff said.

FT MBA Magazine: News about MBAs, school profiles and careers from FT Business Education.

Woodworking for Fun: Who didn’t love Shop?! No grade necessary after reading this magazine.

Digital Drawing & Painting Tutorials: Tutorial videos and inspirational paintings.

Beg Borrow Steal: A student’s guide to how copyright works and where to find free stuff for classroom use.

Best Education Magazines: A “metazine” of dozens of model magazines covering a range of subjects.

Back to School: Whether you have a kindergartner looking for her first backpack or a college freshman in need of dorm essentials, check out these school supplies.

Now go get that A!

~MiaQ is curating “Hot to Tot”