#flipshopping: Spring Fever


Spring is finally here, and for those who’ve dealt with a frigid winter, the warm weather can’t come soon enough. While we wait for the flowers to bloom, we’ve been stockpiling everything we want to shop for this season in our Spring Fever magazine.

  • There will definitely be some rain (we hope!), so to prepare ourselves, we love this camo take on the classic umbrella from Madewell.
  • These cropped skinny jeans from Levi’s are a perfect transition into warmer weather. Wear them with ankle boots now, and with sandals when the sun’s out.
  • In this fickle weather, a lightweight ombre sweater from Banana Republic is great for layering. Even though it’s for guys, it’s the perfect piece to steal from his closet.
  • For a floral touch, this unisex cap from Zimmerman is subtle.
  • And let’s not forget the spring holidays. The pastels, eggs and berries in this wreath have Easter written all over it.

~MiaQ is reading “Tycho Times