Cover Your RSS: Be Ready for the Google Reader Shutdown


In about two weeks, Google will retire Google Reader, but there are steps you can take now to ensure that your Google Reader feeds are safe on Flipboard.

Here’s how you can continue to access your Google Reader feeds after July 1, 2013, when Google shuts down the service:

1) Create a Flipboard account. Having an account means that you can always access your favorite content, RSS feeds and social networks from different devices or from a shared device.

2) Tap on the red ribbon, select “Accounts” and sign in to your Google Reader on Flipboard. Do this today and stay signed in!

Flipboard will preserve your Google Reader feeds, folders and favorited items, so you can continue to enjoy all your subscriptions. That said, because Google Reader will no longer exist, unfortunately some of its functionality won’t be available moving forward – for example you won’t be able favorite any new items, create new folders, or add or remove feeds. For more about Flipboard and Google Reader, please see our FAQ.

The good news is that you can still use Flipboard to enjoy RSS content. For example, if you want to add a new feed to your Flipboard experience, find it via the search bar and tap the subscribe icon to save it to your “My Subscriptions” area.

You can also save items to read later by using Flipboard magazines. To save individual stories; just tap the + button by the story to create a magazine for reading later or on a topic you care about. To learn more about making magazines on Flipboard, check out our video tutorials for Android and iOS readers.

~The Flipboard Team