BBC Autos Joins the Flipboard Garage


News junkies rely upon the BBC to deliver authoritative journalism told from a uniquely British perspective. Gearheads will appreciate how BBC Autos does much the same thing — for coverage of cars, the auto industry, automotive technology and motorsports.

BBC Autos arrives on Flipboard today, with paginated, photo-intensive layouts that will get the motor running for any car enthusiast. Attentive readers will appreciate the subtle hints of BBC pedigree, including the use of such telltale British automotive vocabulary as bonnet (hood), boot (trunk) and estate (station wagon). There’s also strong coverage of British automobile marques, but the biggest Easter egg of all is the cameo appearance of articles from, the online arm of the wildly popular, BBC-produced Top Gear TV show. Check out BBC Autos on Flipboard, and enjoy the drive.

Click here to read BBC Autos on Flipboard.