Attending the Aperture Academy Anniversary

Last week we posted our Interview with Stephen Oachs.  On Saturday, Inside Flipboard attended the one year anniversary event of the Aperture Academy, Stephen’s gallery and photography workshop in San Jose, CA.

It was a great night.  The gallery is beautiful and the party was fun.  Stephen was gracious enough to introduce Flipboard and give us a few minutes to address the room just prior to announcing the results of their Grand Prize raffle drawing for a 7 day photography workshop cruise to Alaska.  We certainly had the full attention of the room.  It was nice to see more than a few people in attendance were already familiar with Flipboard.

A major highlight of the night was the unveiling of Stephen’s latest work, called Rockstar.  Rockstar is a stunning image of the Milky Way galaxy behind a boulder arch in Joshua Tree National Park.  The digital copy here is gorgeous and the full-sized print at the gallery is even more mesmerizing.  The detail and depth of field is fascinating, not to mentioned the cosmic perspective.

Here’s Stephen proudly showing off Rockstar:

“Rockstar” – The Milky Way from Joshua Tree National Park

Here’s the story about how it took me three days to capture this image and how Walmart helped!

…Of all my years of photography I’ve always had fun with night photography but never captured anything that excited me enough to publish, until recently.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend I found myself itching to get out and shoot, yet the majority of California was either under massive snow, or rain, and given I only had 5 days I couldnt venture too far, so I decided to head to Southern California which is an area of the state I’ve done the least amount of shooting.

You can read the rest of the story on Stephen’s Flickr Page.

Below you will find more photos from the night to show off the gallery and the event. We had a great time.  Thank you to the Aperture Academy.  Special thanks to Tina Bean and Stephen Oachs.

~ JonV